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HMRC publish the 100th edition of the employer Bulletin

Employer Bulletin: February 2023

A must read for any payroll professional and employer, HMRC are celebrating the publication of the 100th edition of the Employer Bulletin.

Read below for more information.

Dear customer,

This February we celebrate the 100th edition of the Employer Bulletin.

In 1999, responding to employers’ feedback, the first paper magazine style Employer Bulletin was published, to give 1.5 million large and small employers the latest information to help them run their businesses. The bulletin has evolved and since 2021, is published in the fully accessible online format you see today.

On publication day, we issue an email to over 2 million customers to let them know that the bulletin is live. As readership has increased, other government departments have started to use the bulletin to share important messages. The bulletin’s ongoing success is due to the valuable feedback from small businesses, agents and payroll professionals.

Included in this edition are important updates on:

• reporting advances of salary

• changes to Basic PAYE Tools and PAYE Desktop Viewer

• student and postgraduate loan thresholds from April 2023

• how to help employees with income tax relief for employment expenses

• getting ready for the National Minimum Wage rate increase

• Martyn’s Law, public venue operator requirements

HMRC will continue to send you email alerts unless you choose to unsubscribe.

Your next Employer Bulletin is in April 2023 and we’ll send you an email to let you know when it’s live.


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