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HMRC releases professional standards for compliance activity

HM Revenue & Customs has published a new policy paper - HMRC Professional Standards for compliance.

The standards have been introduced by HMRC's Customer Compliance Group to set out how HMRC staff should apply the HMRC Charter and Civil Service Values in their compliance activity.

The policy paper sets out 4 Compliance Professional standards underpinned by an expectation and 6 key requirements.

The standards are:

  • Standard 1: Getting things right

  • Standard 2: Being aware of our customers' situation

  • Standard 3: Being responsive - communicating with customers

  • Standard 4: Treating customers fairly

The expectation set out for compliance staff:

I am accountable for the professionalism and accuracy of my work. I act in accordance with the HMRC and Civil Service values to help me deliver my commitments under the HMRC Charter.

The accountabilities for managers:

As a manager, I am accountable for the professionalism of the work my team deliver and for carrying out risk-based assurance on their work in real-time. I am responsible for providing encouragement and support through advice, direction, coaching and learning opportunities that help them meet the Compliance Professional Standards.

It is great to see a commitment to improving the professional standards of compliance activity from HMRC.


Policy Paper -

HMRC Charter -

Civil Service Values -

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